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There has always been a time when people take a look at their worklife and wonder if they are on the right path or if it is time for a change.

This time for reflection has happened to a wider group of people since the Covid pandemic and the ramifications are still being felt.

With the difficulties in different professions, especially those industries hardest hit during the lockdowns such as travel, hospitality and schooling. 

There has been a mass exodus in the teaching profession over the last few years and this is where many teachers and educators have decided to take a different path.

The burnout factor has played a huge part in those professionals looking for a new role with less stress and demands on their time.

What can someone do to create wider options for themselves?

Thinking outside the box

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are considering making a change to their career is to look at it as a huge risk.

The key to changing careers or looking for a new job is to weigh up the positives and negatives to get a clear picture of what is possible and what you can expect.

The amount you earn is a key issue, but there are other important things to take into consideration. These include:

  • Travel times and the ability to work from home
  • The hours of work and any flexibility of those hours
  • The viability of the business 
  • How the new role allows for a better work/life balance

These are not the typical questions that people ask themselves when they look for a new job or position, but they are a key to a successful transition.

If an older person is thinking of taking a step back from a demanding role, they might consider the opportunity of becoming a housekeeper in Melbourne or whichever city they are living or moving to.

That person could also apply for nanny jobs or retrain as an allied health worker. There are many options and roles for someone who has a long list of solid work experience such as housekeepers Melbourne roles. 

It pays to think outside the box when it comes to what is possible.

Being honest with yourself

To start the next chapter in your worklife, you will need to be blunt and honest with yourself and what you like.

There is no point just chasing a dream or settling for what is clearly second best when you are looking to make a positive change.


The idea is to improve your life and how you spend your day at work. 

It definitely makes sense and pays dividends to be clear about what you LIKE about your current job or role. Writing it down on paper can really help make it clear.

Then the task is to write down what you DON’T like about your job.

This is when you will get a clear picture of where things stand and what matter most to you.

If the first thing you think of is that the job is great and it’s easy to get to, but the downside is that you have a bad mix of colleagues who bring you down, then it’s the workplace and not the job that needs changing.

If the team is wonderful but you just don’t like your actual position and feel underused or that your talent is wasted, then you have a new path to take.

Find out what you love and create a picture of your dream job and the hours that you want to work. Then you have a goal to focus on and something to turn into a reality.

Going one step beyond

What if you are in a corporate role that has become stagnant, and you can’t see a way ahead?

This is where women sadly still see the so-called ‘glass ceiling’ come into effect. As the rungs of the corporate ladder get higher, the ladder becomes narrower.

One possible solution to the inability to get to that next step is to take a quality executive leadership course. This is when you can see the bigger picture and your part in it. 

Tackling the issues on a higher level with the skills required to make things work can be a great calling card in the future.

With the right executive coaching, you can have your position at the top of the tree be one that is safe, secure and all the more rewarding.

With the best in expert advice, there is no reason to take on too much or fall into the trap of being overwhelmed, overworked or thinking that micromanaging everything is the solution.

Focus on what is important

Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two people will have the same focus on what is important to them.

It has often been said and widely promoted throughout the media that there is a set of boxes that you can tick to have a rewarding worklife and to enjoy your leisure time.

The variations to what are the supposed ideal can be wide and varied. 

  • One person may feel that they need to work harder to get ahead now and then be able to set themselves up for the years ahead. Their goal is to work less in the future and enjoy their leisure time (or even retire) when it suits them rather than at a certain age.
  • Another person may want to find a more enriching and empowering role that goes well beyond the monetary reasons of a job.
  • A third person could be desperate to be working in something that follows their special conviction and beliefs such as an environmental or social justice position.

By focussing on what is important to you – there is every chance that you will find a role that gives you a greater feeling of worth and self-esteem.

This can be the difference between dreading going to work and being inspired by what you do every day of the working week. 

The time is now 

Whatever path you take on your career, you have the power to make a change.

While it doesn’t need to be a change effective immediately, it can start now.

The things that matter to you are important because you matter. Taking the first steps on your new career path is the most crucial part of that journey.